Suffering from mental health symptoms?

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Welcome to Common Ground Psychiatry

We are a private outpatient clinic located in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Our work is to alleviate suffering and promote meaningful recovery in the lives of people with mental health issues.


Dr. Brenda Czaban

Our goal is not to fix you — because you are not broken. Our goal is to help you because you are suffering.


Our Approach

It is at the intersection of science, experience, intuition, and human connection that true healing occurs.


Who We Treat

You need to be able to trust your feelings and thoughts in order to feel safe and grounded in this world.


Embrace hope. Find balance. Feel better.

Common Ground Psychiatry uses a whole-person approach to address the different aspects of living with mental health symptoms. Under our care, you learn the art and science of mental well-being and discover tools that will help you live your best life.