The sooner you get help, the sooner you can feel better

We understand that you didn’t choose to suffer. We know you’d like to be symptom-free and feel more like yourself. Years of treating people has shown us that even the most independent and accomplished individuals frequently put off treatment because they’re afraid of being stigmatized. Delaying treatment could be keeping you from receiving life-improving, or even life-saving, psychiatric treatment.


Looking for a safe place to ask questions and try new things?

Finding a psychiatrist who’s right for you

Common Ground Psychiatry is a safe place to ask questions and try new things. In your search to find a psychiatrist who feels like a good fit, consider that our practice provides the following:

  • Diagnostic assessment to clarify the root of your problem. This includes a medical work-up to rule out non-psychiatric causes of your symptoms.

  • Pharmacologic evaluation to determine if medications might be helpful. If so, we offer genetic testing to help find the best fit for you. We can also help you come off psychiatric medications you are already on that may be unnecessary.

  • Education for you and, if you wish, your loved ones

  • Collaboration with your outside therapist

  • Resources and referrals

The prudent use of psychiatric medications

Millions of people lead better lives through the use of psychiatric medications every day. In addition to relieving distressing symptoms, medications can protect the brain from damage caused by certain underlying chemical imbalances. Medication can also prevent the illness from progressing to a state that is more severe and difficult to treat. Research shows that combining therapy with medication leads to more relief than only doing one or the other.

If we believe medication might help you, we will explain why and talk with you about your options. DNA analysis using a simple cheek swab done in our office helps us prescribe medications that suit your genetic makeup.


The present can shine a light on your path going forward.

We support your unique life journey

While no one can undo the past, awareness can shine a light on your path going forward. Common Ground Psychiatry emphasizes greater presence, compassion, and acceptance as ways to help you cope during difficult times. Greater self-acceptance (and less self-numbing) makes it easier to be kind to your present and future self.

Wellness practices and self-care

Healthcare professionals love to make recommendations around healthy diets, exercise, sleep, and meditation. Most patients don’t follow the recommendations and end up feeling badly about themselves. We work with you to discover ways to eat, move, rest, and quiet your mind that you find intuitive and enjoyable. A little self-care can go a long way towards living a balanced life.