We’re here to help

One in five people struggle with mental illness. These painful and confusing conditions decrease function, jeopardize relationships, and leave even strong-minded individuals feeling defeated. At Common Ground Psychiatry, we have the experience and take the time to help you reach your optimal state of mental wellness.

Understanding is the first step to a better life

We believe psychiatric treatment requires more than a 15-minute appointment. Building trust and understanding takes time. We want to hear what you have to say about your life and your struggles. We also like to talk with your therapist, your doctor, and, in some cases, your loved ones. Once we fully understand your needs, values, and intrinsic strengths, we create a treatment plan that’s practical, doable, and sustainable for you.

Become more self-aware and compassionate

Creating a good life involves more than just eliminating disease. As humans, we need to feel connected to other people, to the natural world, and to a larger sense of community and purpose. Meaningful recovery includes being present enough in your own life to be attuned to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit. Awareness and compassion are essential to creating an environment that’s conducive to your healing and wellness.